Art Seminars

Homoerotic Photography Course

Starting: 2024.

Groups in English and Spanish.

Duration: 4 classes (Intensive Course) or Extended Course (According to your needs)

Info and booking:

This course aims to reflect—from a homoerotic perspective—on various expressions where diverse bodies and eroticism take center stage, through a historical-philosophical and personal-artistic journey. Each class will consist of two parts: a first part where we will analyze homoerotic photography referents, as well as philosophical and aesthetic concepts, and a second part where, through practical exercises, we will incorporate our perspective and artistic practice.

In addition, various concepts related to the search for artistic style, personal vision, and voice will be introduced, along with techniques for developing photographic projects and series, as well as writing exercises to strengthen our voice in the world of homoeroticism, providing tools for professional development as an artist.

With a dual, reflective, and practical approach, the dynamics of the sessions will aim to create a space for collective exchange among the course participants to navigate the journey together and enrich our practice collectively.