About me

Alejo Dillor (born in 1995, in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a visual artist, and teacher, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arts Management and History from the University of Salvador. He is pursuing a Master’s degree in Cultural Management at the University of San Andrés.

In 2019, he started his project “Punto Rosa” to explore, through photography and critique, different ways of thinking about homosexuality, homoeroticism, and masculinities.

In his teaching career, he works as a professor in Aesthetics (UCES) and a teaching assistant in Photography (UBA, UCES). He also conducts his own workshops for artists.

In November 2019, he was awarded the Young Stimulus Prize in the 7th Edition of the ArtexArte Prize by the Alfonso and Luz Castillo Foundation. Currently, he is represented by The Little Black Gallery of London for the project “BOYS! BOYS! BOYS!” and by Galería COLADA in Argentina.


My work is composed of nostalgic moments like a personal diary that is in constant movement and holds thoughts and records of an eternal playful youth hidden in minimal, barely perceptible gestures, fragilities, and impulses that we get used to hiding under a shield in our everyday life, but that they appear in intimacy.



  • Young Stimulus Award – VII ArtexArte Prize – Alfonso y Luz Castillo Foundation.

Solo Shows

  • ‘Infraleves’ Online Exhibition – September 2022. BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! – The Little Black Gallery.

Group Shows

  • ‘BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! World Pride’ WorkingDog Gallery – Sydney, Australia – 2023. Curatorship: Paul McDonald and Ghislain Pascal.
  • ‘No tengo nada que hacer más que estar contigo’ – Noviembre, 2022. Curatorship: Lulú Jankilevich.
  • ‘Cámara en Mano’ – Erotique Pink – Curatorship: Lulú Jankilevich.
  • ‘Class of 2022’ – BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! – Curatorship: Ghislain Pascal
  • ‘Las Armas Tiernas’ – Curatorship: Fabro Tranchida.

Teaching Experience

  • Aesthetics Course in the Graphic and Visual Communication Degree – UCES.
  • Photography Couse (UCES, UBA)
  • Punto Rosa Escuela Courses – Homoerotic Photography Course.


  • Master in Art Management – San Andrés University – 2023.
  • BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! Photography Course – 1st Class – 2022.
  • Art Clinic: Lulú Jankilevich, Matías Maroevic, Fabro Tranchida.
  • Art History and Management Degree – Universidad del Salvador – 2015-2020.

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